"Lacroma, heaven on earth! It is the place that cathces your attention as soon as you step on the magic island of Lokrum. Not only that is one of a kind among the island`s restaurants, Lacroma competes with one of the finest restaurants in Dubrovnik."
The Dubrovnik Times




In the history of this place we made something very urban and new, but in a subtle way, perfectly aligned with the force of nature.
This is restaurant Lacroma. You feel enchanted with the splendid ambience as soon as you arrive, especially since nothing but the sea and nature surrounding you.


Elegant interior and design

Guided by the idea to become a part of enviroment, we have chosen furniture made of natural materials such as wood and canvas, with the exception of the lounge where respect to the stones from which Old town was built and rocky beaches on the island, we have chosen white armchairs .Shades of green, yellow and brown representing greenery,earth and wood. Elegant interior connected to the garden patio in the back and front and a wonderful enclosed area with palm trees and umbrellas when shade is needed. It`s a small oasis on the beautiful island.


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Perspective on life

You can acquire a completely new perspective here and feel like you have the power to make the necessary decisions in your life.
Of course,it is not just the natural beauties stimulates you here as we are offering a variety of inspired dishes.
Cooking becomes a joyful art here.


Cooking and Tradition

Our cuisine is mostly based on Mediterranean food enriched by our special modern "touch". Each dish reveals the high level of effort that stands behind designing each creation by our chef Matija Haring and his team. From the very first bite your time spent here becomes memorable.
Thus, Restaurant Lacroma continues to be a unique spot preferred and recommended by many locals as well as by many people troughout the world.

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The Menu & Wines

The menu of chef de cuisine, praises the new Mediterranean cuisine. The emphasis on quality raw materials and excellent technique is evident from the very first bite.
The exquisite desserts of our pastry chef combined with the high level service make your time spent here memorable.
The wine list reflects the major wine producing regions of Croatia and offers a wide variety of excellent choices with our sommelier recommending the ideal combination for your meal.



Spacious terraces and gardens for group receptions,banquets and cocktails and picturesque photo session make our restaurant perfect spot for different events, pre and after wedding gatherings,cocktails and any other events you can think of.