"Garden of the Old Town"

Natural oasis that leads to the secret world of pleasure and serenity. The green island of Lokrum and the white stone of the Old town harmoniously complement each other. This is a perfect place for those who love enjoying the sun and harmony, beautiful beaches and natural oasis.

"The legend of Lokrum curse"

The legend of the Lokrum curse originated from time when the closure of the monastery and the expulsion of the Benedictines was ordered.
As a curse, they turned their lighted candles upside-down towards the earth and they went around the island this way three times ceremoniously chanting the terrible and harsh words of the curse:
"Whosoever claims Lokrum for his own personal pleasure shall be damned!"
At dawn, dead-tired, they embarked on a boat and left the island, never once looking back. And, nevermore did they return.
The legend says that the curse laid on the island soon began to take effect…

"The Maximilian's castle"

Maximilian built his castle on a ruins of ancient Benedictine monestary and designed the landscape of the whole island to enjoy with his wife Cahrlotte. At the time of his ownership Lokrum assumed the scenery of the island that it is today.

"Richard I the Lionheart"

The legend says that in the stormy night, in October 1192., English King Richard the Lionheart on his return from Palestine, suffered shipwreck. He swore off the place where first stepped foot on solid ground to build the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary for amount of 100,000 ducats. The first place he landed was – Lokrum.